Busting Myths Related to Dating Girls

angels-victorias-secret-angels-27686994-800-562Men have spent their entire lives trying to figure out the workings behind women’s mind. While dating girls, they often look for tried and tested rules which can be easily applied to all women. This is something completely wrong.

There are many myths associated with the practice of dating girls. We’ll bust some of them in this short article.

All women are the same – Wrong, wrong, wrong! Women are as unique as their fingerprints. No two women can have exactly the same likes and dislikes. And no single rule can be termed as applicable to all women. This notion stems from men’s unwillingness in making special efforts for their women. You cannot avoid the process of understanding a woman and making her feel above the others.

Women are obsessive …

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How to Get Rid of Nervousness When Approaching Girls?

shutterstock-sex-coupleDo you often get nervous or feel shy while talking to girls of your age group? Well, that’s not something uncommon. Guys throughout the world suffer from that syndrome. Your nervousness is only a reflection of your inexperience related to girls. So, all you need to do is gain more experience. Let me teach you some useful tricks that can go a long way in helping you overcome such nervousness.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where in you aren’t certain about directions to some place? What do you do? You ask other people for directions. More often than not, people are willing to help. What I’m trying to get to is that you can approach attractive women and simply ask them for directions. Obviously, I’m asking you …

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How to Get a Girl to Kiss You on the First Date Itself?

50_shades_grey_lingerieA large majority of guys find it extremely hard to land a kiss on their first date. You deserve a sweet kiss on all the dates you go on and the same goes for the very first date too.

If you’re unable to get a kiss on the first date, chances are bleak that you may get it in the subsequent ones. Following are three sure shot methods of landing a kiss on your very first date.

How to know when a girl wants to kiss you

How to kiss on the first date!

Ensure you have bathed and are wearing some sexy cologne – High time we face it guys, the single biggest reason why girls don’t kiss us so readily is because we project ourselves as smelly and …

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5 Dating Tips to Turn a Casual Relationship into a Steady One

01-spanking-cosmo-301111-8271510Dating girls can turn out to be either frustrating or interesting. Regardless of how you feel about it, you need to date them so as to discover the one with whom you can get old. Hence, you can’t help but take it seriously.

Turn a casual relationship into a steady one

This short article details some important tips that will help you while you’re dating.

  • Realise, understand and register in your mind that girls are very different from us boys. You can’t impress them by playing pranks like you do with your boy pals.
  • They hate hearing about your exes. When you’re out on a date, completely avoid any talks related to your ex. If you do bring your ex up, she may think that you’re trying to draw comparisons.
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Anal Fantasy Collection Beginners Bead Kit Review

cv-1844730108My current girlfriend subscribes to all of those women’s magazines that always offer the newest hottest sex advice. The moves and positions they suggest don’t always work for us in the bedroom but at least we’re always trying something new!

I’m usually game for just about anything in the bedroom but I was a little shocked when my GF showed me an article that explained the male G-Spot. We have a lot of fun with her G-Spot but I never knew I had one too!

The magazine explained that it’s also referred to as the P-Spot, as it is actually the base of the prostate. There was just one factor that gave me pause: the P-Spot can only be reached through anal penetration. But the article promised the best orgasm …

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My Thoughts On The Fetish Fantasy Yoga Swing

cv-1798760008The Fetish Fantasy Yoga Swing is the perfect accessory to ensure that you get to enjoy all the kinky sex you so yearn for! And that too in the name of workout and relaxation!

This swing works perfectly for practising all popular yoga postures and has the ability to hold up as much as 300 pounds of weight. This means that almost everyone can enjoy and have a great time with this swing, regardless of their body size, actual intent or strategy!

The Fetish Fantasy Yoga Swing will help you defy the rules of gravity and protect your muscles so you get the maximum from your sexual adventures. Not only will it help you improve your flexibility tremendously, it will also enhance your stamina and energy levels in the bedroom. …

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Win a Woman’s Heart By Understanding Women Better


Following are 3 important tips that will help you understand women better, regardless of whether you have or have not dated before.

Fun article on the topic of how to understand women

What women want?! – This essentially hasn’t undergone any major change since thousands of years now. No lazy man has ever got a date. Women like men who woo them. They want some sort of assurance that they will be cared for always – the reason why they often opt for men who can provide them with a certain degree of stability and reliability.

Kind and caring attitude – Women prefer men who show traits of kindness. You don’t have to appear soft or weak. Rather, try treating everyone around you in a kind and gentle manner, especially …

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3 Most Important Tips to Have Great Sex at Work


Considering the amount of time we spend in our offices nowadays, it is only natural of us to think about finding women to have sex with at workplace. Regardless of whether it is that sexy UCLA intern or your female CEO, following are some important office sex tips which can take you places when it comes to satisfying the carnal desires of your partner from workplace. Not only will these tips help you deliver great sexual pleasure at work, they’ll go a step ahead and help you not get caught!

Thanks to Durex for this fun word romp about the truth of sex at work!

A bit dated, this video .. but a fun watch!

3 most important tips to have great sex at work

Select the right woman …

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3 Most Important Tips for Single Men to Improve their Dating Chances


When I was reading this article about boosting your chance of getting a date it made me think.

Owing to repeated rejections, many single men become hopeless and stop putting efforts to attract women. In most cases, these men really have no idea what they should and should not do to improve their chances with women. They only hope and wait that someday, in some mysterious way they’ll run into the woman of their dreams. Well, in real-life, you won’t get anywhere if don’t take action. You must learn the right tricks to pursue women. Following are 3 most important tips to improve your chances at dating:

1. Make yourself available – Although this may sound pretty obvious, many guys only complain about their disappointing dating experiences, but do nothing …

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Top 3 Reasons Why Some Men Don’t Get Any Action at All!


I was reading this – why women shouldn’t deprive sex .. made me think about what I do, and why.

How do you think that some guys manage to bed the best looking women in the town so easily, while others keep trying and trying, without any results? If you look closely, you will discover that there is a world of difference between guys who can’t get any action and the ones who get laid night after night. Following are three most shocking reasons behind why some men never get laid at all:

Inferiority complex – Many men get into an inferiority complex that they aren’t good enough. Well, if you think like that, you are going to become that. It’s all in one’s mind and if you can’t have …

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