My Thoughts On The Fetish Fantasy Yoga Swing

cv-1798760008The Fetish Fantasy Yoga Swing is the perfect accessory to ensure that you get to enjoy all the kinky sex you so yearn for! And that too in the name of workout and relaxation!

This swing works perfectly for practising all popular yoga postures and has the ability to hold up as much as 300 pounds of weight. This means that almost everyone can enjoy and have a great time with this swing, regardless of their body size, actual intent or strategy!

The Fetish Fantasy Yoga Swing will help you defy the rules of gravity and protect your muscles so you get the maximum from your sexual adventures. Not only will it help you improve your flexibility tremendously, it will also enhance your stamina and energy levels in the bedroom. The possibility of getting to enjoy some of the most complex and complicated sexual positions in the easiest possible manner is a great advantage of this swing. It is one of the best methods of taking things a notch higher in the bedroom. What more, it is easy to setup, is affordable and can be assembled in a matter of few minutes to enjoy hours of non-stop pleasure.

I use it actively and despite it giving me and my partner a dirty trapeze artist look, I’m all in favour of it! It may take you a bit of practice and time to get going initially, but once you are comfortable, only sky is the limit when it comes to the pleasure you can derive from it! I’d say go for it!

Video on the swing

If you are wanting to combine your yoga skills with the bedroom then this is a must purchase. I highly recommend buying online – I have always had a great experience shopping with buying online. Shop around to get a trusted store!