Make Sure Your Lady Puts Her Phone Away!!’m a single guy and I’m guilty of having more than my share of one night hookups. I don’t want to settle down and I enjoy spending time with women who feel the same way. In my more recent experiences I’ve noticed an alarming trend: women are bringing their phones to bed!

And they’re using them … during sex! The first time I had this happen I was dumbfounded; I hadn’t realized that her phone was even in the bedroom. When it rang I startled for a moment then tried to get back in my groove. The next thing I knew she’d grabbed her phone and started returning a text message, right as I was giving her my best moves. I finished quickly and dismissed it as a onetime event, but a few weeks later the same thing happened with a different woman. A few nights later I met friends for drinks and discovered that they were having the same experiences!

I know that a lot of people feel the need to remain in constant contact through texts and social media but nothing kills the mood like having a woman pull out her phone mid-intercourse to check her girlfriend’s Facebook status. After hearing about my friends experiences and having my own I instituted a strict no phone policy in my bedroom. I simply explain to women that I want us to be focused only on each other. I’ve found that sweet talk will convince most women to put their phones away.

Bedroom Booster: Make her forget her phone by blowing her mind with an orgasm that will have her forgetting about facebook. I love to use little vibrating bullets on my girls – as it is direct stimulation to the clitoris area – which always guarantees and orgasm. You can buy them online at nearly every adult shop – try