Hooking Up With Your Ex

lg_c373fe07122890576132439When you’re going through a dry spell in the bedroom it can be tempting to contact an ex. You know you’re attracted to her, you know how to satisfy her and, most importantly, she knows how to satisfy you.

Hooking up with an ex can be an easy, stress-free experience if you follow a few simple rules.

  1. Don’t contact anyone who may still have feelings for you, or anyone you’re still emotionally attached to. You’re looking for a no strings attached hookup, not a rekindling of an old romance. Don’t put yourself or your ex in a position to have hurt feelings.
  2. Don’t fall back on old sentimental habits. This will also protect you and your ex’s feelings. If you had a pet name for your ex, don’t use it. If you had a special song or ritual, don’t mention it. Mentioning things you shared while you were in a relationship will only highlight that the relationship ended.
  3. Don’t rehash your breakup. Bringing up the same old arguments of who is to blame or what went wrong is certain to kill the sexy mood.
  4. Keep all of your conversations vague and casual. Going into too much detail about your life or asking your ex’s opinion on an issue will make it more likely for you to fall back into a relationship that didn’t work the first time.
  5. Don’t make the hookups a habit. Neither of you will move on if you’re satisfying each other’s needs.