Exploring The World Of BDSM: Fetish Fantasy

degradation-play-1086882-TwoByOneMy girlfriend and I recently started exploring the world of BDSM. Neither of us has overwhelmingly dominant or submissive characteristics, we just enjoy trying new things together and we’re both very willing to push boundaries in the bedroom. To do this we bought some new toys from our favourite Australian online sex toy shop.

After we had experimented with blindfolds, fuzzy cuffs and Japanese bondage ropes we decided it was time to buy a beginner’s crop. We got online and began browsing our options. Most of the crops we found looked cruel and intimidating; we’d almost decided against making the purchase when we found the Fetish Fantasy Silicone Heart crop which we found from the our reliable online adult store in the crops and paddles section of their website.

A different type of whip, but still interesting!

The red heart shaped spanking end was almost cute! We both loved the sweet shape and small size; we ordered it immediately. When it arrived we immediately stripped down to give it a burl. The soft silicone felt amazing against our skin; we took turns caressing each other’s breasts with the red heart.

After some heavy foreplay I turned the crop over to my girlfriend. She lightly traced it down the curve of my hip before giving me a firm swat on the bum. I hadn’t expected the swat and the stinging sensation was surprisingly arousing. After a few more swats I was so wet I couldn’t take it anymore; I begged my girlfriend for release but she refused and handed me the crop. I followed the same path on her body that she’d traced on mine and showed her how amazing a good spanking can feel. We are so glad we bought the Silicone Heart!

Navigating the World of BDSM in dating