Even the Greatest Pickup Lines Can Fail Sometimes!

bigstock-Man-In-Bed-6546651Anyone who is a regular at bars and clubs would know that we all try our hand at pickup lines every once in a while. My personal experience is that pickup lines generally don’t deliver and only end up making guys look like jerks or insincere assholes.

For a laugh here are some really bad pick up lines .. sure to fail!

Moreover, women are not too comfortable with the idea of getting picked up. All they want to do is hang out with guys with whom they can chill out for some time. Don’t expect a girl to jump into bed and tear off her clothes for you, just because you delivered some pickup lines with elan. However, lines can sometimes work as excellent icebreakers as well.

When you’re trying to score women, there are other effective alternatives too. Your ability to act confidently and your body language can get you immediately noticed by the hottest women around. Women love the idea of being flirted with. They like to dress up and secretly hope that some man may come and try to woo them. It gives them the feeling of being beautiful and desirable. But, a large majority of men feel uncomfortable about making the first move. This, in my eyes, is a big mistake they make.

Some pickup lines are actually very cute and can work their magic as icebreakers. But, it all depends on how they are delivered. If you do need to use such lines sometimes, ensure that you use them with the intent of complimenting the woman and not just to get her into bed.