Doctor Loves Deemun Penis Girth Enhancer Review

cv-2487290012I’ve known since primary school that I am not the most well endowed guy. I know how to use what I have, but what I have is a lot smaller than what I have seen in the locker room. My length is average but my girth leaves a little to be desired.

The ladies in my life have never complained about my size and I know how to give them orgasms but I’ve always suspected that maybe they would enjoy riding a thicker cock.

I decided to give my confidence a booster by investing in the Doctor Loves Deemun Penis Girth Enhancer I had been interested in trying a girth enhancer for a long time and this one seemed perfect. Plus it came with lube and toy cleaner!

I decided to give it to my current girlfriend as a gift. I wrapped the gift before we left the house for dinner then let her open it when we returned home for ‘desert’. She was surprised by the gift at first, but when she took the Girth Enhancer out of its package she had a naughty glint in her eye.

She gave me a gobby until I was good and hard, then lubed up my cock and pulled the Girth Enhancer over it. It went on easily; the head of my cock poked out of the end, which helped it stay on. My GF lubed up my enhanced cock and gradually eased herself down on it. The Girth Enhancer’s Cyberskin material felt incredibly lifelike for both me and my GF; we both came over and over again!

I purchased this great enhancer from online and had it delivered discreetly to my home.