Exploring The World Of BDSM: Fetish Fantasy

degradation-play-1086882-TwoByOneMy girlfriend and I recently started exploring the world of BDSM. Neither of us has overwhelmingly dominant or submissive characteristics, we just enjoy trying new things together and we’re both very willing to push boundaries in the bedroom. To do this we bought some new toys from our favourite Australian online sex toy shop.

After we had experimented with blindfolds, fuzzy cuffs and Japanese bondage ropes we decided it was time to buy a beginner’s crop. We got online and began browsing our options. Most of the crops we found looked cruel and intimidating; we’d almost decided against making the purchase when we found the Fetish Fantasy Silicone Heart crop which we found from the our reliable online adult store in the crops and paddles section of their website

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Doctor Loves Deemun Penis Girth Enhancer Review

cv-2487290012I’ve known since primary school that I am not the most well endowed guy. I know how to use what I have, but what I have is a lot smaller than what I have seen in the locker room. My length is average but my girth leaves a little to be desired.

The ladies in my life have never complained about my size and I know how to give them orgasms but I’ve always suspected that maybe they would enjoy riding a thicker cock.

I decided to give my confidence a booster by investing in the Doctor Loves Deemun Penis Girth Enhancer I had been interested in trying a girth enhancer for a long time and this one seemed perfect. Plus it came with lube and toy cleaner!

I decided …

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Anal Fantasy Collection Beginners Bead Kit Review

cv-1844730108My current girlfriend subscribes to all of those women’s magazines that always offer the newest hottest sex advice. The moves and positions they suggest don’t always work for us in the bedroom but at least we’re always trying something new!

I’m usually game for just about anything in the bedroom but I was a little shocked when my GF showed me an article that explained the male G-Spot. We have a lot of fun with her G-Spot but I never knew I had one too!

The magazine explained that it’s also referred to as the P-Spot, as it is actually the base of the prostate. There was just one factor that gave me pause: the P-Spot can only be reached through anal penetration. But the article promised the best orgasm …

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My Thoughts On The Fetish Fantasy Yoga Swing

cv-1798760008The Fetish Fantasy Yoga Swing is the perfect accessory to ensure that you get to enjoy all the kinky sex you so yearn for! And that too in the name of workout and relaxation!

This swing works perfectly for practising all popular yoga postures and has the ability to hold up as much as 300 pounds of weight. This means that almost everyone can enjoy and have a great time with this swing, regardless of their body size, actual intent or strategy!

The Fetish Fantasy Yoga Swing will help you defy the rules of gravity and protect your muscles so you get the maximum from your sexual adventures. Not only will it help you improve your flexibility tremendously, it will also enhance your stamina and energy levels in the bedroom. …

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