Bow And Beautiful Bustier: A Treat To The Eye

cv-2520490111I’ve had a nylon fetish since I was a little boy. I’d sneak into my mother’s room sometimes and steal her panty hose; I like the way the material feels when it rubs against my skin.

When I was single I found that most women were happy to accommodate my fetish but no one ever took it to the level my current GF has. She’s collected so many pieces of nylon lingerie we’ve had to buy a separate chest for it!

Nylon is easy to snag and tear and I tend to get a bit carried away in bed so we’re almost constantly replacing pieces of our collection. Her most recent purchase, the Bow and Beautiful Bustier, is one of the sexiest nylon pieces I’ve seen in a long time!

My GF greeted me at the door in this hot number and I was instantly hard. The bra is solid black and the bodice is sheer nylon with two slits down the front, which are held together with sexy little black bows. Garter belts are attached to the bottom of the bodice and clip on to sexy sheer black nylon thigh-highs. The sheer black thong made the outfit complete. I was tempted to pounce on her immediately but instead I decided to prolong the excitement.

I dabbed then licked off chocolate sauce on the exposed portion of her belly as she rubbed her nylon covered legs up and down my body; I ripped our first bustier so we replaced it!