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About the Magazine:
We are a free bi-monthly publication featuring articles of inspiration, information and humor about something we all do – sex. We emphasize the benefits of sex for fun, happiness and health. Each issue of walk about magazine offers our readers a diverse range of subjects. From our “Guts to Glory” human achievement stories to our “Ask the Expert” advice column, we aim to bring you informative stories that will inspire you to keep going.

Quick facts on Walk About Magazine:
• We are FREE to our readers
• We are a full color, glossy publication
• We feature entertaining and informative topics specific to fitness walking and healthy lifestyle choices
• We are published bi-monthly

You can subscribe to Walk About magazine for $14.95 a year to cover shipping and handling. Send a check or money order made out to “Walk About magazine.” Please mail to: Walk About Magazine, 4823 NE 21st Ave, Portland, OR, 97211.

Want to Contribute?
If you have a passion for walking and staying fit or have a personal walking experience that you would like to share, contact Walk About magazine, 4823 NE 21st Ave, Portland, OR, 97211 or email info@walkaboutmag.com.